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I am Alireza Tayefeh. I have a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering. I have always been passionate about electrical systems, computer programming (IT), and advanced analog and digital technologies. I always try to produce and invent new segments to make equipment more qualified. My main goal is the development of mankind. During recent decades, I have been educating and passing several courses related to electrical fields in various branches: computer software and hardware, network and web development, and SEO, all of which have important roles in marketing products. After putting so much effort into the items I mentioned above, I have made considerable progress in these fields, and I am really interested in continuing this path. If you need further information, please send me a message in the contact section.

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Electronic circuits
Computer Software & Hardware
Computer Networks

My skills

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I have a lot of experience in the fields of computer programming and network design, PCB circuits, IP, analog, and network CCTV cameras. I am a specialist in the implementation, installation, and maintenance of operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Mac, Ms-DOS and related programs like NC, Windows, and its programs, as well as microcontroller programs like AVR, PIC, DSPIC, ARM, and FPGA, and in network management such as Wi-Fi and LAN operating systems. Furthermore, I am an expert at all networked devices, like routers, network adapters, hubs, switches, share ports, access points, range extenders and bridges, power lines, KVM switches, modems and gateways, USB hubs or adapters, Wi-Fi antennas and cables, etc. (D-Link, Linksys, CNET, TP-Link, etc.), and I am skilled in image transfer with maximum speed.

Altium Designer 95%
Porteus 93%
C++ 85%
QBasic 80%
NetSim 80%
MySQL 70%
Pascal 70%
OrCad 50%

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Alireza Tayefeh

Alireza Tayefeh,Tayefeh Alireza,Alireza,Tayefeh,Electronic circuits,Computer Software & Hardware,design pcb circuits,network design,IP & analog CCTV cameras

Tayefeh Alireza,Alireza Tayefeh,Electronic circuits,electrical systems,Computer Software & Hardware,network design

computer programming (IT), and advanced analog and digital technologies

Computer Networks,Computer Software & Hardware
microcontroller programs like AVR,PIC,DSPIC,ARM,FPGA

Alireza Tayefeh: Alireza Tayefeh , Tayefeh Alireza, A.Tayefeh, Alireza, Tayefeh